I feel a burning coming on….

This desk has been sitting in the corridor in our offices for a month and no-one has claimed it. We have offered to give it a “warm” home… So what do we think? A good candidate for a bonfire?…

5 Responses to “I feel a burning coming on….”

  1. Dan Says:

    Yee-haw, get yo ass in the truck Dwight. There’s gonna be a burnin’.

  2. Robbie Greatrex Says:

    Looks good to me - are we tourching it when we launch the Beta version of the site? - could maybe coincide with Bonfire night Nov 5th??? Gives us a deadline…

  3. keith drummond Says:

    Step away from the lighter fuel Mr Greatrex, that’ll look just fine in Forward Towers. I’ll come and get in on my bike.

  4. Nick Armitage Says:

    Dave, we couldn’t have asked for a better looking desk! 6 drawers means plenty of space to load with fuel and firelighters!

    Doing it around bonfire night would be a great idea, we can get some sparklers and marshmallows!

    Good work Dave! Get it out of your corridor and into the office so no one steal’s it!

  5. Nick Armitage Says:

    Dave.. is the desk officially ours..?!

    I might brand up an urn with Flaming Desks colours and logo for the ashes!

    Bonfire night is not that far away so we’ll have to start thinking about potential locations for this.. if we want to stay in London now, we’ll need to get our thinking hats on as I personally can’t think of any open spaces where we wouldn’t get in trouble.. even on bonfire night!

    Does anyone know of a decent warehouse? I know of one but it has a secret skate park in and I don’t think they’d be that happy with the thought of an indoor fire with all those wooden ramps in there!

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