Crash Padder

A chap I know has just launched this new site called Crashpadder. Still in extremely early days, they have produced a platform that allows people to offer space in their homes to travellers and ‘”likeminded people”! It is at the ‘provider’s’ descretion as to whether or not they charge for the place to sleep (I have found a few on there that offer for free) but the principle is very much the same as FD.

Whilst their biggest struggle is clearly going to be getting people to upload their properties etc. the advantage they have (in comparison to FD) is the incentive of being able to charge for your offering. As we have said time and time again, we really need to put emphasis on the networking benefits of offering a desk space free of charge.

One of the things I like about the site is the little attention to detail within a listing’s page … “Bedtime”! I think that this is a really nice little touch. …Not that everyone had filled that part out… but it’s a nice idea! Maybe we could allow desk lenders to state their preferred biscuits seeing as this has already began to establish itself as common Flaming Desks practice!

Anyway, it’s a nice site worth looking at. They’re using the map function quite nicely (not quite to our super-dooper-to-the-edge-with-fancy-overlay-style standard) and in terms of ease of use, I also like the speech bubble type things that pop up on the map not only pointing the locations of the houses available, but also displaying a thumbnail and small breakdown of the house ’stats’! Dave - I am sure you’ll tell me this is a common function that comes as standard, but I like it!

So, generally I think it is quite nice!

Comments anyone?!

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  1. Stephen Rapoport Says:

    Well well - my first mention on someone else’s site! I’m touched. Thanks for the positive comments (I agree, your map is nicer. I’ll be on to my developer this afternoon!) and best of luck with Flaming Desks - it’s a really great idea. I think the net is going to prove a great place to use up excess capacity in loads of areas beyond desks and accommodation - ride-sharing and parking spaces are both getting a similar treatment at the moment.

    I’ll keep checking back with interest and be straight on to find a desk as soon as I outgrow my office (sofa).

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