We’re famous. (Thank you Velocity.)

If any of our regular readers fly out of City airport on occasion (probably on your way to broker some megalithic business deal, no doubt) you could do worse than pick up a copy of Velocity.

Best in-flight magazine known to man.

Best in-flight magazine known to man.

It’s VLM’s in-flight magazine, and BOY have those guys got their fingers on the pulse of the desk-sharing/networking world!!  That’s right, they’ve only gone and given us a write up complete with incredibly insightful quotes from one of our illustrious founders.

Because they’ve been so nice - and also because the article is one amongst many great reads - I’ve added them to our sidebar.

(Note to self; invite Steve and the Velocity posse to the Desk Burning.)

3 Responses to “We’re famous. (Thank you Velocity.)”

  1. Neil Cocker Says:


    “Velocity” and “Write Up” links are borked!!!


  2. Rob Mosley Says:

    Fixed! Cheers for the heads up…

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